Writer: Marc Andreyko
Artist: Rodney Buchemi

The Nautilus has arrived at the mysterious island with the powerful element that can be turned into a weapon. Sonja and Dnar suit up in radioactive suits and row ashore. The plan is the go to the volcano that is in the center of the island. The volcano is honeycombed with caves so they enter and plant the explosives so they can bring down the whole mountain and isolate the element. On the way back they are attacked by some men of Kulan Gath. Sonja has no problem defeating them but when they return to the sub they find that Kulan Gath has taken it over.

So this issue is mainly involved with gathering the various people together. Gath has arrived and a brief page shows Crime boss Thorne also on the way. There is also exposition about how Dnar found the island. A short issue but probably one needed to move the plot forward.

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