“The Lost World of Skartaris Part 3”
Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artists: Dan Jurgens and George Perez

Cody the titan that was blown out of the sky city by Mortella crashes into the craft flown by Prysm. He hits and hurts his leg bad but still manages to save the falling Prysm. Meanwhile the others are fighting Mortella who has Prysm’s power as well as other powers. She is winning this fight. The Atom manages to shrink and escape. He finds the room with the power source for Mortella and it is a captive Jennifer Morgan. On the surface Cody and Prysm manage to catch a ride on a pterodactyl and come back in time to fight Mortella. Only now Jennifer is free and can use her powers. Prysm decides to take back her powers to help her teammates and Jennifer helps her. In the end this turns Mortella back to an old hag and ends her threat. The final scene has Jennifer use her power to open a portal home and the Teen Titans are on their way.

So the final issue of the visit of the Teen Titans to Skartaris ends. It was an enjoyable story. This one had guests of the main characters that I loved from the Warlord. Helped that Jurgens wrote for the series so knew how to portray them. Of course it was a mainly superhero story so didn’t really feel like a Warlord story. It was handled well and a nice little bit of nostalgia for the series I missed.

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