Writer: Erik Burnham
Artist: Ediano Silva

A small group of Tharks find the first ships from Drakulon after they land. The Drakulon come out feral and thirsting for blood. An army of Helimuites then destroy them. Back at Issus palace Vampirella is about to give Issus immortality. At the last minute she tears her throat out instead of biting it. Vampirella got a glimpse with her telepathy that Issus was not going to honor her bargain and save her people. So the First Born now worship Vampirella as their new goddess since she killed their old one.

They show her the ancient technology that Issus had which included a device that could teleport anywhere even other worlds. Using it they see the plan that Dejah’s grandfather is hatching with the Okarians. They will use the Okarian science of magnetics to force the Drakulon ships crashing into the moons. Vampirella and Dejah with some First Born use the transporter to go to the north pole and stop the plan. Dejah has a plan to save Vampirella’s people by using the Okarian technology to bring them down.

So this is an interesting story. Issus is killed and Vampirella takes over the First Born. There is some very advanced technology that Issus has which wasn’t in the original book series. This and the red men’s knowledge of the Okarians I suppose are different in this alternate reality. A fast paced story with beautiful artwork. Looking forward to the conclusion.

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