Writer: Marc Andreyko
Artist: Igor Lima

Sonja agrees to help Tesla rescue her lover from Kulan Gath. So first they must go to Gath’s island which is magically shielded. The whole island is infused with Gath’s evil and Sonja and Tesla land. Then they go to Gath’s castle and Tesla knows a secret entrance. They find her boyfriend D’nar injured from torture. Sonja has to kill a guard and the three escape. Gath seems to know what is going on. In fact he has one of his minions pose as an informant to inform Tesla’s father Thorne of where they are going. So D’nar is taking the Nautilus to an island that has a material to create a devastating weapon. He plans to use it to destroy Gath.

So the story seems interesting so far. Obviously Kulan Gath has been well established as a super villain. This world’s incarnation is no different. Gath seems to know everything and also knows where the crew of the Nautilus is going. I have some feeling that Tesla and D’nar may be up to something and not being truthful about everything either.

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