“The Lost World of Skartaris part II”
Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artists: Dan Jurgens and George Perez

The Titans are being escorted by Tara back to Shamballah when they are attacked by a herd of triceratops. They use their powers to stop them but one member falls into a pile of dino poo. They make it back and get to clean up and a change of clothes. They find out from Tara who learned English from Morgan that a sky city that comes at irregular intervals is back. It brings cobras that come out of the ground and take people away. Just then the cobras come and the Titans attempt to stop them but they nullify their powers and transport them away.

Meanwhile Morgan, Shakira and Prysm find themselves on the city. Mortella shows an interest in Prysm. Morgan wants to just leave and as him and Shakira are going to the floaters they fall through a trap door. Prysm is interested in Mortalla’s offer to get rid of her powers so she can be normal which Mortella does.

So the Titans find themselves in a chamber filled with skulls and Morgan and Shakira chained to a wall. They free them and bust a hole in the wall. Only Mortella is there now with the powers of Prysm and blasts one of the Titans clear out of the city. At the end Prysm is on a craft now human and looking forward to a new life.

So this issue had a lot going for it. There was plenty of humor. You get a real feeling that the Titans are immature teens. It sets up the main villain in the sky city and Mortella. A mystery that will be revealed in the next issue. So far I enjoy this crossover with Skartaris. Morgan is more prominent. Others like Tara and Skakira have a part in the story. Skartaris looks as it should be. Not to mention the artwork is beautiful.

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