“The Fiend from the Forgotten City”
Writer: Roy Thomas adopted from plot by Michael Resnick
Artists: Rich Buckler and Ernie Chua

Conan is riding to Shadizar when he comes on a man dying in the desert. He saves the man and Libro tells of a lost city he was searching for. He offers Conan treasure if he helps him find this city. Naturally Conan likes that idea and they find the lost city of Ababenzzar. At the city Conan finds that some brigands are already fighting over the treasure. He stumbles on a silver-haired woman who he rescues from the brigands. The old man Libro manages to call forth a giant demon to slay the brigands. Then he turns the demon on Conan who manages to throw his knife and kill Libro. The silver-haired woman wants the big diamond which Conan gives her. This transforms the woman into the goddess Ishtar. She was held captive by her former priest Libro but the gem managed to restore her. She then warns Conan not to take any of the gems and Conan leaves once again empty handed.

“The Changeling!”
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Steve Ditto

A medieval king has the face of a baboon. He is seeking a wizard that will make him the handsomest man in the kingdom. He finds such a wizard and threatens him with death if he doesn’t deliver. So he turns the king into a beautiful swan. He did want to be the most handsome male in the kingdom and got his wish.

So this is another lost city story. Yes there have been several already and Roy has a slight nod to that effect when Conan believes Lipro since he has already been to a few lost cities. Nevertheless this is another enjoyable story. Lost cities are fun and Conan has plenty of adventure in this one .

As for the short back up story. It was OK but nothing special.

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