Writer: Erik Burnham
Artist: Ediano Silva

Vampirella and Dejah are prisoners of the Therns. The Therns are attacked by the Black Pirates of Barsoom. In the fight Dejah manages to free Vampirella from the 8th ray device keeping her prisoner and she slaughters the remaining Therns. This impresses the Firstborn and they agree to take the two women to meet the Goddess Issus. So they meet Issus. The goddess can see Vampirella’s mind and has a plan to save her people. She offers to have her people replace the Therns and plant-men in greeting the pilgrims to the Valley Dor. Her people can drink the blood of the pilgrims. In exchange Vampirella would make Issus young and immortal. Vampirella accepts this offer.

So the two have found their way to the hag Issus. Her plan is actually a logical one from her point of view. Dejah is having her faith shattered to find out the truth about Issus. The story is good at staying true to what was established by Burroughs. It is a safe bet that the two leading ladies will now be at odds which should prove to be very interesting.

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