Writer: Marc Andreyko
Artist: Igor Lima

Sonja is playing with the notorious crime lord Tobias Thorne. She exposes him as a cheat which gets him angry and he puts a bounty on Sonja’s head. So Sonja has to fight her way out of the place and a rooftop chase ensues. She manages to make it to her submarine The Nautilus. A mysterious woman is following her and jumps in and attaches herself to the sub. Sonja has to go out and rescue her. The woman is Tesla and seeking Sonja’s help. She is in love with the son of her father’s greatest enemy. She is the daughter of the crime lord Thorne and her love is the son of the dark magician Kulan Gath.

So the second series starts off to a strong start. A sort of Romeo & Juliet story that will draw Sonja into an adventure. We also establish an old familiar villain in this steampunk world. The artist does an excellent job and looking forward to this new story.

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