Writer: Erik Burnham
Artist: Ediano Silva

Dejah brings Vampirella to her father the emperor of Helium Tardos Mors. What he hears he is that a horde of vampiric refugees that will be driven mad from lack of blood are coming. He refuses to help Vampirella or her people. This gets her angry and a fight breaks out. Dejah manages to calm things down and tries to convince her grandfather to help. Tardos Mors does have an idea. Vampirella should seek out the goddess Issus. With no other options she agrees to make the pilgrimage. Dejah goes along to show her the way. They take a raft down the river Iss and find plant men attacking some green Martians. They manage to kill the plant men but then find themselves captives of the Therns who plan to enslave them.

So this is an alternate reality before John Carter. I can see why Tardos Mors would be leary of hordes of potentially blood thirsty vampires coming to his planet. Dejah is forming a friendship with Vampirella and the two make a good team. The plant men were fearsome and the artwork captures what I would envision as Mars from Burrough’s imagination. Enjoying the series so far.

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