Writer: Marc Andreyko
Artist: Aneke

Sonja and Nemo are fighting Victor’s animal men. Nemo gets his head torn off by an elephant man. Sonja is captured but Elizabeth comes and manages to prevent her from being killed. Instead Sonja is knocked out and wakes up in the lab of Victor hanging by a chain. Victor is going to create an army of Frankensteins to conquer the world. Elizabeth has managed to regain her will and frees Sonja. Sonja manages to destroy the machine and stop the plan to revive the dead army. Victor is electrocuted and his creations are now free. So at the end Sonja gets the submarine Nautilus and agrees to transport back the captured scientists. Elizabeth will stay on the island and help the now freed creations of Victor.

So a somewhat predictable ending but still an enjoyable story. I did enjoy the novelty of this steampunk world. Sonja had a much more lighter personality than her regular series. Now she has a submarine which should lead to some interesting stories.

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