“Future History Chronicles V To Race the Death Winds”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Tom Sutton

Alaric, Reena, Graymalkyn and Strakor are now trapped on the city-ship Cathedralus. Their ship the Freedom Reaver has been sunk now trapping them. Soon the radioactivity on the ship will turn them into mutants. But some mutants decide to escape launching a balloon. The four manage to jump on and escape the mutant ship. Soon though they are attacked by three dirigibles and shot down by flamethrowers. They land in a jungle and are attacked by apes riding giant frogs. They wear top hats and speak with English accents. Calling themselves Her Majesty’s Cannibal Corps they capture the group and put them over a bubbling pot. They manage to escape and at the end find the base where the dirigibles came from.

“10th Anniversary on the Planet of the Apes”
By Samuel James Maronie

An article on the tenth anniversary of the start of the apes franchise. It tells about Arthur Jacobs and how he refused to do the movie as a cheapie and held out for quality. His further unexpected development of sequels and how he refused to do another after the fifth.

“Kim Hunter: The Woman Behind the Ape”
By Samuel James Maronie

An article on Kim Hunter who played Zira in the first three films.

“From Simians to Sharks: An Interview with Richard Zanuck”
By Samuel James Maronie

An interview with the producer who greenlighted the first apes film.

So the final issue. Seems they never knew this was the final issue for the letters page went on as normal soliciting for more letters. Still they only had one story and three articles. The story was the final adventure in the Future History Chronicles. I loved this series as it was a unique look into some other aspects of this future world that were never explored. It ended with us never finding out about who the mysterious people that had the dirigibles.

As for the articles they were OK but nothing special. They must have just decided to throw all the ones written into this final issue. As I said they didn’t even bother to inform the reader that this was the last issue.

So looking back at this series I loved it. Credit has to go to Doug Moench who single-handedly wrote ever single story in it’s 29 issue run. That is hard working talent and all of the stuff was original and excellent. A real shame that it didn’t last for it had some exciting and interesting stories about the world of the apes. The articles started out excellent but over time just became fillers. I am so glad I found someone selling these for $1 a piece at a show in a bowling alley some twenty-some years ago. I know they have reprinted them and I definitely recommend getting them if your a fan of the original apes series.

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