“Revolt of the Gorilloids!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Herb Trimpe & Virgil Redondo

Brutus and his army of Gorilloids start to shell Ape City. Moravius the new peace officer organizes a defense of the city. They manage to hold off the first attack but are having problems with the crossbows they are using. They need guns and fortunately Steely Dan and Gunpowder Julius come to the rescue. Still with guns they still have trouble stopping the cybernetic Gorilloids. They must retreat and Brutus has won. Only the Gorilloids go nuts and continue to destroy the city. So Brutus has to use his tanks to destroy his Gorilloid allies. Yet this leaves him without a sizable army and the citizens of Ape City manage to arrest him.

“Profiles of the Future A Look at Conflict and Characterization in the Planet of the Apes”
By Ron Borst

A long article that basically summarizes all five movies. Said it before that they were scrapping the bottom of the barrel for article ideas.

“Tremor of Doom!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Virgil Redondo

The mutants have been driven off but Aldo defies Caesar and continues to hunt them down. He comes back and wants to kill the caged humans but Caesar intervenes. Aldo threatens to kill Caesar which causes the apes to be stunned. For Ape shall not kill Ape. Only Aldo has already killed an ape. One of his gorillas exposes him and a fight between Caesar and Aldo starts. Aldo being a coward tries to run away but falls off a tree and breaks his neck. The apes and humans decide to live in peace while the mutant Mendez also decides not to use the nuclear missile. In the future the Lawgiver concludes his story and hope for a better future. Outside a human and ape child are fighting.

So we are getting to the close of this series. This is the last of the Terror stories. It manages to come to a close but does have some threads hanging. Young Thaddeus has been turned to a cyborg and serves the Makers. The Makers plan to come and destroy all the humans and apes in the city. It seems the magazine still hasn’t found out its cancelled because it carries on as if there is a future. Its too bad since I enjoyed this series and would have liked to see where the writers were going with it.

The final adaptation also comes to an end. For the most part similar to the movie. The ending was different. I think they should have used it for it was more powerful. Actually they could have combined the fight with the crying statue which would have been awesome. So we also never get a look at what they had planned to replace this in future issues. I know they had something planned. Oh well.

Here is the trailer to the final movie.

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