“Fear on Four Worlds Part IV”
Writer: Mike Wolfer
Artist: Bruno Bull

Abby and Ethan are making their way back to Caspak through the passages between Pellucidar and the surface. They talk about what they miss the most. The Horibs are following and they come on a chamber full of portals. With the Horibs closing in they take a gamble and jump through one. It deposits them in the lake just next to the U-33. They are captured by Von Schoenvorts. Soon after the Horibs also come and attack the sub. They manage to take it over. The Germans along with Abby and Ethan abandon the sub and make it to the shore. Now the Germans are trapped without their sub and must form an alliance with Abby and her group.

So the big four issue crossover to introduce the new shared universe of Burroughs comes to an end. It ends where it started and I found it quite satisfying. Ethan manages in a sweet way to confess his love to Abby. A bit of humor when the two introduce themselves as Arnold Schwartzenegger and Kate Beckinsdale. So now they must form an alliance with the Germans which I think will lead to some interesting future stories.

As for the other worlds they left plenty of loose threads for stories there too. Already we have a Carson of Venus out. A Moon Maid one is coming. Some others are a Princess of Venus series and a John Carter/Carson of Venus crossover. So I guess the Barsoom world is joining the lineup. I think American Mythology has done an excellent job of resurrecting Burrough’s works.

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