Writer: Marc Andreyko
Artist: Aneke

Sonja finds herself prisoner on the Nautilus. Victor comes and shows Sonja around his ship and the gruesome experiments he is conducting. He also introduces his wife Elizabeth who has now been operated on to be obedient just like all the other dead he controls. Sonja is taken back but finds that her meal has a knife in it to help her escape. The meek scientist Pierre that is Victor’s assistant managed to smuggle it in. So she takes out Nemo who comes in and escapes her cell. Only she runs into the brainwashed Elizabeth who sounds the alarm. Sonja takes refuge in the waste tube that is filled with guts and human body parts. Victor ejects the waste tube with Sonja in it. She finds herself floating outside in discarded body parts. Parts that attract a Great White shark.

Not a bad issue. We get an introduction to Victor Frankenstein and see how he manages to control his creations. Sonja finds a possible ally in the meek scientist Pierre. Frankenstein is a smarmy guy you just love to hate. Ends on a cliffhanger that you want to see how she escapes.

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