“Apes of Iron!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Herb Trimpe

Brutus and his army of gorillas and mutants continue on to attack the city. They are attacked by cyborg gorillas called Gorilloids. They were created by the Makers a group of mutant humans. These Makers are apparently the creators of the Inheritors and now their bitterest enemies. The Gorilloids kill all the mutants and take the gorillas captive. They are to be brought back for the Makers to continue their experiments in creating cyborg apes. Only Brutus manages to use their hatred of the Makers to turn them to his side. Now with the tanks of the Inheritors and the help of the Gorilloids he can conquer the city.

Meanwhile Jason, Alexander, Malaguena, Lightsmith and Gilbert continue on in the Viking ship. They meet up with Steele Dan and Gunpowder Julius who are taking munitions to a fortress. Seems the Assisimians are on the warpath after Brutus killed their leader. Gunpowder gets them to settle the fight with him and Jason against two to the best Assisimians. They win and make peace with the Assisimians vowing to help them track down Brutus. Later at the feast they hear that the Lawgiver is dying so go off. They arrive in time to see a new peace officer sworn in just as Brutus’s army attacks. In a subplot young Thaddeus a 13 year old Orangutan who went to the Forbidden Zone to find a cure for the Lawgiver, stumbles on the lab of the Makers located in the library.

“Monkey Business in the Editorial Offices”
By John Warner

An editorial on how the Battle adaptation is so different from the movie because it uses the shooting script which was significantly altered from the final movie. Also starting in issue 30 a third series would start involving Derek from the Island story. Alias this was not to be since the series was cancelled with issue 29.

“I Say if it Looks Like an Ape, Talks like an Ape, and Walks like an Ape.. It is an Ape!”
By Jim Whitmore

An article on how to walk like an ape in costume with photos by Freff. This was demonstrated by William Blake and Paula Crist. As I have stated they were scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas on articles.

“Conquest of Blood!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Virgil Redondo

Breck and his mutant army starts shelling Ape city. A shell knocks out Caesar and the others flee. Breck then starts to play with Caesar with his flamethrower. Only Caesar manages to fight back and use the flamethrower to blow up the ammo truck. This rallies the other apes and they drive back the mutants as Aldo and his gorillas attack from the rear. At the end Caesar orders them to halt but Aldo wants to continue on and kill all humans and threatens to kill Caesar.

So the Terror installment is coming along to an exciting conclusion. I loved the introduction of the Gorrilloids and the Makers as new characters. I know they had grand plans for a new direction but sadly the series would soon be cancelled.

The Battle adaptation is quite different from the movie. I personally like it since its like a new story. The flamethrower welding Breck was not in the movie. A great series that is sadly coming to a close.

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