“Fear on Four Worlds Part III”
Writer: Mike Wolfer
Artist: Cyrus Mesarcia

Abby and Ethan have just met up with Dian and Tanar. They have no time the explain as a giant ant breaks through the ground. They flee to the safety of the forest. Shortly later the Va-gas come through a portal. So the four find shelter in a cave and explain what happened to each other. Its decided that Abby and Ethan can get back to Caspak through the tunnels. As they try to reach the tunnels they are ambushed by Horibs. These lizard-men riding giant toads attack but must fight the Va-gas that attack them. Only the Va-gas are not used to the heavier gravity and lose the fight to the Horibs. The Horibs go after Dian and Tanar while another group decides to pursue Abby and Ethan through the tunnels.

So the next installment of the shared universe saga sees them in Pellucidar. They get to battle the Horibs which were a favorite of mine from the series. They take some time to talk about how they can learn the language of all these worlds so quickly. They theorize that these worlds have some type of telepathy. I like that this is addressed. It ends with Abby and Ethan going back home and Dian and Tanar in danger from the Horibs. Sets up nicely the end of this series and a continuation of the next Pellucidar series.

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