Writer: Marc Andreyko
Artist: Aneke

Years ago Elizabeth was the girlfriend of Victor Von Frankenstein. His creation was angry at Victor for killing the love of his life so for revenge the creature snapped the neck of Elizabeth and tossed her out the window. Apparently Victor used his science to bring her back. Sonja finds this fascinating and agrees to help her track down Victor. They find his ship which almost crashes into Sonja’s ship. Sonja uses a tracker she fires with a rocket launcher to track the ship. The trail abruptly ends because the ship is also a submarine. It surfaces and sinks Sonja’s ship. Victor now has the two prisoner and commands Captain Nemo who is now an undead monster to retrieve them.

So we get some background on the origin of Elizabeth and why she is an undead creature. Victor has also now taken over the Nautilus and Captain Nemo is an undead creature. We still don’t know the big picture of Victor’s plan but there is still plenty of time. I am enjoying this new take on Sonja. She seems to not have any of the tragic baggage that she does in the Hyborian reality.

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