Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Herb Trimpe & Virgil Redondo

Jason, Alexander and the others have just escaped from the Psychedrome. They find themselves in the snowy mountains. Fortunately there is warm clothing. A blizzard comes up and Lightsmith is captured by some mysterious figures. The group goes after them and runs into some Viking apes lead by Eriko. After a fight they find out the Viking apes didn’t kidnap Lightsmith but some others known as Snow-Shamblers did. These Snow-Shamblers are mutant human/ape hybrids and Eriko offers to help. First they go by Viking longboat to their village for a feast. Then they track down the Snow-Shamblers and kill the one who has looking after Lightsmith. This snaps Lightsmith out of his brainwashing. Seems the Snow-Shamblers were not evil and the whole group learns a valuable lesson. The Viking Apes give the group their longboat to get home but keep the alien keeper since he was foretold in a prophecy.

“Man and Ape: Reflections in an Imperfect Mirror”
By Lee Overstreet.

A flowery article about how the apes world reflects the world of man. I found it a bit pretentious.

“Assault on Paradise”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Dino Castrillo

Aldo has seized power and locked up the humans. Caesar meanwhile is paralyzed by grief over the death of his son. He does snap out of it long enough to confront Aldo but by then the mutant army has arrived. Fierce fighting between the gorillas and mutants with the mutants victorious. Aldo flees and abandons his gorillas. Then the mutants turn their artillery on the city with plans to wipe it off the map.

So we get another Terror installment. I do enjoy these stories. So now its Viking apes. A sad story with the killing of a gently creature. Lightsmith is out of his brainwash stupor finally. So the group are now sailing on a Viking ship home where Brutus and his gorilla/mutant army are marching on.

The article was crap which I am afraid of as the well of ideas is pretty much exhausted by now.

Finally the Battle adaptation is coming to an exciting conclusion. I loved the battle scenes as they were so much more epic than what the movie actually had.

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