“At the Earth’s Core”
Writer: Mike Wolfer
Artist: Gabriel Rearte

Dian and Tanar are in the caves between the surface and Pellucidar. After successfully driving out the Mahar invasion of Caspak the two are hunting the Mahar. They don’t want it returning to its home and launching another invasion. They find many Coripies and have no trouble taking them out. They come on a fork with two tunnels and split up. Tanar is attacked by giant ants but fortunately his giant ant-eater comes to the rescue. Dian finds the Mahar and is put under it’s hypnotic spell. The spell is broken when the ant-eater comes crashing through the ceiling. The Mahar is fleeing when a portal opens up and sucks it in. Dian and Tanar continue on to the surface and find Abby and Ethan there.

So this story picks up after the crossover series. We now find out what happened to Dian and Tanar. The action is quick and exciting. The issue has a minimum of dialogue and relies heavily on letting the images tell the story. We find out how the Mahar was teleported to the other worlds. It ends with them meeting Abby and Ethan which is also how Fear on Four Worlds story ended in the Moon Maid. Looking forward to see the further adventures in Pellucidar.

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