Writer: Marc Andreyko
Artist: Aneke

A mild old man is in the Big City clutching a bag and furtively scanning the crowd. A woman in a hood approaches and he manages to escape in a taxi. Sonja is the captain of a ship that is just docking at the Big City. She is looking forward to a fun time and goes straight to her favorite tavern. There some big guys come looking for the old man. They find him and Sonja intervenes. A fight ensues and the men are revealed to be monsters. Sonja cuts off one of their hands and the hand has a life of its own. She stops the hooded woman from taking the man and the other men manage to get away with him. The hooded woman is revealed to be Elizabeth the Bride of Frankenstein.

So this is the first in a steampunk Red Sonja adventure. The story is set in a nineteenth century type world. This Sonja is a lot more carefree and fun loving than her Hyborian counterpart. She also is very interested in men and is not bound by some chastity vow. Otherwise she is the same Sonja. This one introduces the legend of Frankenstein with the Bride and others after some scientist. An interesting idea for a different Sonja story. This new world has many interesting possibilities.


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