“Fear on Four Worlds Part II”
Writer: Christopher Mills
Artist: Gabriel Rearte

Abby and Ethan find themselves confronted by purple centaur like creatures demanding flesh. Fortunately they have the R-ray pistol from Amtor. Also the gravity is way lower than Earth and the two have super strength. They rescue the captive girl who is Nah-ee-lah, the daughter of the Jemadar of Laythe. She was on a trip with a hunter named Pal-dan using their artificial wings. Only they were ambushed by the Kalkars and she was separated and now lost. Nah-ee-lah tells of the history of Vah-nah the world they are on. She is interrupted by a snake creature that forces them to flee. Ethan and Nah-ee-lah fall into a pond. Then a octopus like fish attacks them and Ethan uses the R-ray pistol. Getting out they discover Abby was captured by the Va-gas the flesh eating centaurs. Tracking them to their camp they find Abby and Pal-dan captives. Only a Mahar is now in charge of the Va-gas. Ethan uses his strength to throw boulders and Nah-ee-lah the R-ray pistol to kill the Mahar. With Nah-ee-lah reunited with her companion they can resume the journey back to Laythe. Ethan and Abby find a portal and go through. They find themselves in Pellucidar and meet up with Dian. Just then a giant ant breaks through the ground.

So another Burrough’s world is added to the universe. I know that a Moon Maid series is coming out soon. This was one of Burrough’s more overlooked creation. I love that it stays true to his vision. A nice touch to explain them understanding the Moon language as having it similar to Caspak. The artwork was beautiful and I am looking forward to more stories set on this world.

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