Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Walter Geovani

Tarzan and Sonja are in Pellucidar. Here Eson Duul has come to get allies. The Mahars and Sagoths have gathered to his cause. So Tarzan and Sonja jump right in and attack. They make a good start but are outnumbered. Fortunately his Waziri have followed him. With hand grenades they decimate the Mahar/Sagoth army. Then Tarzan fights Duul hand to hand. Duul brags but Tarzan manages to tear out his throat with his teeth. So Duul dies scared and in the dirt. Sonja takes out his henchman Carl.

So the big finale was a good story. I suppose I was excepting something more but it tied up the series nicely. Obviously Tarzan took out the loathsome Duul as only Tarzan could. Stephanie died a tragic death by sacrificing herself to save Duul and she didn’t even like him. That was a character I felt sorry for. So Tarzan and Sonja have forged a solid friendship and who knows there may be more adventures with these two in the future.

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