“The Doomsday Spawn”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Alfredo Alcala

Caesar, Virgil and MacDonald head out to the ruins of the city to find the tapes of Caesar’s parents. They find the horror of the city which is now a molten mass of steel and concrete. They enter the bunker and find that there are survivors. Governor Breck and his mutants are still active and gathering weapons. After viewing the tapes of the interview they try to find a way out and are walking into a mutant ambush.

“Man & Ape: Reflections in an Imperfect Mirror Part I”
By Samuel Maronie

An article on the five apes film and how they portray humans.

“The Shadows of the Haunted Cathedraulus”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Tom Sutton

Alric, Greymalkyn, and Strakor from the Freedom Reaver are climbing on a city ship they find drifting. It has a huge cathedral on it. They group splits with the humans going one way and the ape another. They find a frightened member of their species and each tells a story about the New Order. That after the war their people were looking for food and came on the cathedral. Only the humans or apes that controlled it wouldn’t share. A brave member kills the leader and thus starts some strange religion that involves the ritual eating of human or ape.

The two groups meet up and decide to check out who is really behind this religion. At a ceremony some white robed figures are leading black robed ones to sacrifice. It is revealed that the sacrifices are crew members from the Freedom Reaver. The cultists are mutant apes and humans that want to spread their religion by purifying all the old unmutanted apes and humans. They free their fellow crew members but find out their ship has been sunk. That the cathedral is radioactive and soon they will turn into mutants.

So the Battle adaptation is mostly accurate from the movie. They used governor Breck which I believe was how it was originally written but the actor couldn’t do it so Kolp was replaced as the mutant leader. The mutants in this are truly deformed mutants which the movie didn’t manage to portray.

The article was a filler and OK but as most of them have now become not really needed.

Finally the next installment of the Future History Chronicles was excellent. A cool story that told the same story only from different points of view. At the end we find the crew now trapped on this radioactive Cathedral ship with no way of escape.

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