“Terror from the Earth’s Core”
Writer: Mike Wolfer
Artist: Gene Magora

The head Weiroo is taunting Dian. Dian says she is almost sorry for the Weiroo because the Mahars plan to enslave them. Meanwhile See-Ta meets Ahm and the two hear the sounds of battle. They go to a Band-lu village that is being overrun by the Coripies and giant ants of the Mahar army. She tries to help but is captured. Now a fight ensues between the head Weiroo and Mahar over See-Ta. The Mahar beats the Weiroo’s ass and now the Weiroo thinks that Dian may have a point.

Lys and Abby are out getting water when they run into men from the U-33. Luckily the giant ants come and distract them long enough to escape. The U-33’s deck gun takes care of the ants. At a bay the Mahar are going to enact their feast by taking control of See-Ta’s mind and making her walk into the water. Unfortunately for the Mahar a saurion eats the Mahar. Dian promises to aid the Weiroo in destroying the Mahars if he will release her from her bonds. The Weiroo demands that Dian help him get See-Ta for himself.

So a lot is going on in the land of Caspak. Mahars with the albino Coripies and giant ants are rampaging through the land. The Weiroo have discovered they are not equal allies but servants. Throw in the Germans and their advanced weapons and you have a great set up for a free for all. I do enjoy seeing all these Burrough’s creations together and look forward to the conclusion.


Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Walter Geovani

In Africa Korak the Killer, son of Tarzan tracks some poachers that massacred elephants with dynamite. He finds out from them that Eson Duul is responsible and after his family. Indeed Duul and his henchmen attack the treehouse. Meriem manages to escape with their son and give the boy to a friendly ape. Korak battles Duul but is seriously wounded. Tarzan and Sonja in London discuss what is going on. Sonja believes Duul has a Sword of Sorrow which can create whenever and wherever possible. Sonja’s knife is also a Sword of Sorrow. She stabs it into Wells time machine and now it will go to where Duul is. They arrive in Africa to the burning treehouse. He finds his friend Windia and Korak injured. Meriem and the baby are missing. So Sonja and Tarzan are going to Cimmeria.

Another enjoyable story. So Duul has attacked Tarzan’s family and taken Meriem hostage. Korak was portrayed in a very savage way showing no mercy to his enemies. Tarzan and Sonja bond and Tarzan adopts Sonja into his family. At the end they are going back to the Hyborian age so should be interesting for Tarzan to be in that time.


“The Ballad part I Kilt Him a B’ar”
Writer: Mike Grell
Artists: Dameon Willich and rick Hoberg

The outpost of Hazrak is a small place located on the edge of the Terminator. That place where the surface world meets Skartaris. In a bar a young minstrel sings a song of the glories of the Warlord. This is greeted with derision by a grizzled old man. The man with a missing eye and leg once served under the Warlord. He is bitter that Morgan lead him and others with promises of freedom but never delivered. He goes on to tell the origins of the Warlord. How he lead a gladiator uprising. The man was a scholar and Morgan took an interest in the man’s questions. He showed him the SR-71 crash site. Then leads him to the ruins and shows him the computers that tell the story of Atlantis. At the end the old man challenges the minstrel to seek out those who knew the Warlord and get the real story.

So great joy that Grell came back and did this mini-series. I loved seeing the world of Skartaris again. So the first issue is mostly the retelling of the origin. Not a bad idea since this series had been gone for several years. Nice touch to have the old veteran be the one to tell it to the idealistic young minstrel. We get to explore those that followed the Warlord and his dream of freedom for all. What happened to those unknown followers that were part of the movement. Grell didn’t draw the series which was a little disappointment but the artists chosen were more than capable of capturing his style. Definitely looked forward to finding out what happened to Morgan and his friends.


“Beasts on the Planet of the Apes!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Herb Trimpe, Dan Adkins & Sal Trapani

Derek Zane from the Kingdom story is now living the life of his dreams in the kingdom of Camelot on the island of Avedon. Only he feels he has a duty to look for the future astronauts so he leaves his wife for the mainland. At the raft he gets in a fight with a chimpanzee named Robin Hood who later agrees to accompany him. They ambush a chimp and take his clothes. Then with Derek as a human prisoner ride into the city. Derek is turned over to a Dr. Cassius who is about to perform an experiment on a talking human woman. Derek distracts the doctor long enough for the woman to escape and stab the doctor. Then the two with Robin escape in a wagon and blow up the armory. Only the woman is killed. At the end Robin goes back to the island while Derek stays behind to continue his search.

“SFX on the Planet of the Apes”
By Tom Sciacca

An article that covers the effects from the other four movies. Not much new or original here.

“Hail Caesar! Hail the King!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Alfredo Alcala

The final installment in the Conquest adaptation. The rebellious apes lead by Caesar manage to make it to the city. They start to burn the shops and manage to break into a gun store. They defeat the security forces and drag Governor Breck and MacDonald out for a fiery speech on the rise of the Planet of the Apes.

So it was nice to see they didn’t forget Derek Zane and his strange part of the planet he is on. I forgot they had this story and I thought it was a nice change of pace. Otherwise the article was bore and the conclusion to the adaptation was good. So I will leave you with the trailer to Conquest to the Planet of the Apes.

And his fiery ending speech.


“Lair of the Beast-Men!”
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: Barry Smith

A reprint of Conan #2.

“The Tower of the Elephant!”
Writer: Roy Thomas based on story by Robert E. Howard
Artist: Barry Smith

A reprint of Conan #4.

So the first annual is just two reprints. Good reprints but reprints. The theme is academy award winning for the two stories were nominated in 1971 and 1972. This is actually originally released as a special giant size. It would be a few years before they starting releasing original annuals regularly for this title.


“Terror from the Earth’s Core”
Writer: Mike Wolfer
Artist: Gene Magora

Abby and her companions are following the U-33 to make sure Von Schoenvorts does not sneak up on them. Suddenly giant ants break through the ground around them. Fortunately See-Ta comes to save them. After single-handedly killing one she leads the group back to Bowen and Lys. Here Abby admits that she is their great-great-great granddaughter from the future. Meanwhile the giant ants are being lead by some albino man creatures who are in turn lead by the Mahars. Dian the Beautiful is captive of the Mahars and used to communicate with the Weiroo. They start by attacking a Kro-lu village.

So a crossover between two of Burrough’s worlds. American Mythology has plans to link four of the worlds and Caspak is to be the nexus with its unique position outside time and space. That’s a cool idea. So for this we get such favorites as the Mahars and Weiroo. Also the giant ants and albino creatures are from a Pellucidar novel. So nice to finally see some of Burrough’s other creations getting some love. Will also be interesting to see how Abby’s presence affects the timeline.


Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Walter Giovani

Sonja now in Tarzan’s time has come to warn him that Eson Duul has gone to hunt his family in Africa. Needless to say this causes Tarzan to go to Duul’s estate with Sonja in tow. They subdue the flunkies left behind and get some help from the Asian servant. The servant claims to be from Khitai in Sonja’s time and tells how these two have met before. A flashback has Sonja wandering the jungle and being attacked by Tarzan. The two have an epic fight and Sonja is knocked over a cliff. Tarzan then has a conversation with Sonja hanging on a branch and finds out they have a common goal in wanting Duul killed. Apparently something happened that wiped out their memories of this. So Tarzan takes Sonja to his friend H.G. Wells. Wells knows of the disturbance in time and thought the two were killed last week. So he leads them to his time machine they need to travel back to the past to stop Duul.

So we get a lot of exposition and one cool knock down fight between our two protagonists. It also introduces many questions that still need to be answered. How did Sonja get to the future? What happened to make them forget their last encounter? Who is this Eson Duul that threatens to tear apart the fabric of time and space itself? Simone has crafted a very interesting and exciting story with these two characters.


Writer: Mike Grell
Artist: Dan Jurgens

So Morgan after his introduction to Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance gets to talking about his life. Morgan was curious how the world was in his twenty year absence. Tried to get back pay but that got him too much negative attention from the government. He is disillusioned with the world. Seems not much has changed and people are still fighting over nothing. While this is happening the crime boss that Morgan confronted last issue is out for revenge. He is angry that his asshole brother-in-law was wounded but more that his Rolls Royce was trashed. So he arranges for a blackout and the cities thugs to cause a commotion to distract the police. Then his men will move in on Oliver’s place. Needless to say Morgan, Oliver and Dinah have no problem taking out the thugs. Morgan decides to head back home.

So the two-part guest shot of Travis Morgan ends. It was an enjoyable story. Nice to see him back wandering the country and his observations. I love that Grell finally united the two characters since they do look so much alike. Except that Morgan is taller and older. There was a somber tone to this story but some humor was mixed in. This was a nice tribute Grell gave to his character to keep him alive in spirit for as we will see the Warlord will return.

On a side note I enjoyed Grell’s Green Arrow. I have a feeling that I will have to someday seek out more of this excellent series in the future.


“Society of the Psychedrome”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Tom Sutton

Jason and Alexander find themselves in a strange globe that has lakes up above. Jason manages to use his Thompson submachine gun to mow down the flying demon monkeys. They make it to the center and take some strange alien creature with multiple eye stalks hostage. He leads them to the brainwashed Lightsmith who is now a “good person”. They then find a shuttle and take off to escape this strange place. Meanwhile Brutus and his gorilla/mutant army attack the pueblo settlement. He captures Malaguana and Gilbert. Brutus is also looking for the psychedrome and the nuclear missiles that are kept there.

“SFX on the Planet of the Apes”
By James Glenn

An article on the special effects used in the first movie. The spaceship was a model and also goes into squibs for gunshots and matte paintings.

“Army of Slaves!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Alfredo Alcala

MacDonald has found out about Caesar. He lets him escape but he is captured. He is taken to a room and given electrical shocks until he talks. Governor Breck wants to make sure this is the talking ape. Caesar finally gives in and talks. So now he is ordered executed but MacDonald manages to shut off the power and Caesar fakes dying. Later he knocks out his torturer and straps him in for a session with the electro-shock. Then he leads a rebellion at Ape Management. The apes break out and head toward the city.

So this installment of the Terror series is getting weird. The strange globe of the psychedrome was some alien craft that I guess the government was using. The explanation was vague. Brutus is ruthless and about to get nuclear weapons. So it ends with an exciting setup.

The article was dull. I was afraid that they would exhaust ideas and start rehashing stuff like make up and effects which is now starting.

Finally the Conquest adaptation is coming to an exciting conclusion. For the most part sticks to the original movie except for when Caesar straps the torturer onto the table and gives him a taste of it. I believe this was the original writing but changed as it made Caesar not as sympathetic. I kind of agree with that assessment. It does make him seem more sinister.


“The Hand of Nergal!”
Writer: Roy Thomas based on story by Lin Carter & Robert E. Howard
Artists: John Buscema & Ernie Chua

Conan is battling the rebel forces of satrap Munthassem Khan. He is single-handedly kicking butt. Then mysterious translucent bats attack the Turanian forces. The soldiers flee and Conan is almost killed but a mysterious amulet he just recently found protects him. He wakes up to find himself the sole survivor. At the river he finds a beautiful girl who was almost trampled by retreating soldiers. She has come from Atalis in the city and seeks Conan. The offer of gold decides the matter and Conan goes to see Atalis.

He arrives and finds out that the wise man and a rebel prince need Conan because he has the Heart of Tammuz. Seems the Khan was a wise and gently ruler until he came into possession of the Hand of Nergal. This hand made him a cruel tyrant. So the three go and sneak into the palace while the Khan is sleeping. Only he knew they were coming and sets a trap with his supernatural powers. As the three are brought down the slave girl comes in and seizes the amulet and throws it at the Khan. It hits him between the eyes and he drops the hand. Then the two objects produce the godlike figures that battle. The heart wins and the Khan is turned to dust. Later Conan rides out with a new horse, a bag of gold and the slave girl as payment.

So this is the beginning of when they could start using the stories from Carter and De Camp. This one was an excellent story. Its once again Conan at his best. A savage who is a one man army. A guy who would rather have adventure than a comfy post in the new satrap’s guard. A guy who likes his women. Definitely another quality entry in the Conan saga.