“Fear of Four Worlds Part I”
Writer: Christopher Mills
Artist: Cyrus Mesarcia

Abby decides to build two hang gliders and sail off the cliffs to their ship. So Abby and Ethan are the two that try this. Only they are attacked by a pteranodon and somehow disappear. They find themselves on Amtor or Venus. Fortunately they are rescued by Carson Napier and Ero Shan. The two are searching for their mates Nalte and Duare who were captured by Skor the leader of Morov. Skor is from the books and the one who has an army of undead zombies. Carson tells how him and Duare were flying in their plane when a storm forced them down. They found Ero Shan looking for his kidnapped mate. Later Skor’s zombies also kidnap Duare. Abby and Ethan agree to accompany Carson and Ero Shan.

So the group is ambushed by Skor’s zombies and Kazars. Kazars are like parrot dogs used for hunting. The group manages to drive off the attack and Nalte escapes. Skor still has Duare and escapes. So Carson continues his quest to rescue his mate as Abby and Ethan go back to where they first entered Amtor. They find a portal and go through and are now confronted by a beautiful woman under attack by centaur like creatures demanding flesh.

“Mars or Bust”
By James Kuhoric

An article on the new shared universes of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

So this is the first of the new shared universe concept. We are going to be introduced to the worlds of Venus, The Moon and Pellucidar as well as Caspak. I love the idea and the first with Carson was just excellent. The characters were so Burroughs like. They are always having to rescue their kidnapped mates and Carson seems to always be crashing somewhere. I love seeing these worlds finally getting the proper comic book treatment they deserve.

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