Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Walter Geovani

It starts with a flashback to Eson Duul’s life. His mother died in childbirth which was the start that whenever Duul arrives death follows. He is even at a young age feared. As a child he has his father killed by the local witchdoctor. When he grows up he leaves to find more power. In London one of Tarzan’s Waziri friends seeks out the Khaitain gardener for help in finding Tarzan. In Africa young Jack speaks his first words. The great apes decide to stop running and fight Duul’s men who are chasing them.

Back in Cimmeria Duul threatens to break Sonja’s neck if he doesn’t surrender. Only Sonja is not done and kicks Duul in the face. Then Tarzan starts in and starts beating on him. Duul is forced to escape with his followers. Later while trying to figure out where Duul ran to Sonja tells of the clue that Catherine Duul’s follower gave her. That he goes to a place where the sun is a lie. Where pockets of time exist. Tarzan knows this place and the two go to Pellucidar. They are ambushed by a Mahar which Tarzan kills. The two fall into a river with a waterfall coming up.

So we get a look into Eson Duul and he is definitely the anti-Christ. I have to say that Simone has created one of the most vile villains that I ever read. Even as a boy the guy is a total tool. Enjoyable to see him getting his ass kicked for a change. Duul actually has to run away to Pellucidar where the Mahars will protect him. Looking forward to the ending.

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