“Ballad Part III”
Writer: Mike Grell
Artists: Dameon Willich & Rich Hoberg

The bard and old man reach a small way station for caravans. Here they rescue a woman being attacked. The woman is headed to Thera. The bard makes an offer to accompany her to the Theran border since its on the way. They introduce themselves the old veteran is Petrus and the bard is Tinder. So they have an uneventful ride and drop the girl off at the Theran border. Then they go to Kiro. Here Petrus introduces Tinder to it’s king Machiste and Mariah. Machiste tells of his time when he first met Morgan. Their time in the gladiator school and the rebellion. He tells that Morgan seemed to loose interest in others plight. They he knew he couldn’t live up to the legend although he tried. At the end the girl they rescued makes it to a temple. There she is willingly sacrificed on an alter and Deimos is reborn in a stone statue.

So some big revelations with this issue. The first is the names of our two main characters. Surprise that one is Tinder the lost son of the Warlord. Now grown up and traveling as a bard. Seems he is just like his father in rescuing damsels that don’t deserve it. Morgan rescued the witch Ayesha who later resurrected Deimos. Now the son also rescues the woman that resurrects Deimos. Grell decided to bring back the old arch enemy after swearing that Deimos was never coming back from the dead. I didn’t mind since this series needed an old enemy and Deimos is the best. Also was excited that he was finally bringing back Morgan’s son. Interesting that Grell ignored the story that Fleisher did and had Mariah still with Machiste. That was something that was better left forgotten.

So now we have Tinder back and the one who was responsible for his separation from his parents.This was shaping up to be an excellent series with the tying up of old threads that were never resolved in the old series.

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