“Messiah of Monkey Demons”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Tom Sutton

Brutus has the nuclear weapons and crates of laser rifles in the Psychedrome. He can’t wait to use them to destroy all humans. Just then Jason, Alex and Lightsmith come in the subway car they stole. Brutus gloats and is about to kill Jason when the monkey-demons attack. This allows Jason and his friends to escape. They eventually find themselves back in the Psychedrome and force the alien keeper to lead them out. He takes them to another subway car that leads to the outside.

Meanwhile Brutus is distracted by the arrival of Maguanus of the Asissimians. One of the mutant drones radios his masters and informs them of the situation. They order him to destroy the missiles which he does. Brutus is angry at losing his weapons and casually has Maguanus shot. Then goes off to find Jason. Jason and company find themselves on a snowy hill. Meanwhile in Ape city the Lawgiver lies at death’s door. A young orangutan decides to go to the Forbidden Zone to find the knowledge to save him.

“Ape Out-takes!”

A montage of pictures showing the actors in ape costumes doing various things.

“The Weapons Show of Paradise!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Vicente Alcazar & Sonny Trinidad

In 2670 A.D. North America an orangutan tells the early story of Caesar. The ape city is being build but there is clear tension. Aldo thinks he should be in charge. At school he gets angry because he isn’t very smart and the human teacher inadvertently uses the forbidden word no. This requires the intervention of Caesar to stop him from being killed. Later at dinner Caesar and MacDonald talk about the situation. MacDonald tells Caesar that the future is grim and offers proof in the testimony of Caesar’s parents. It is in the command post of the old city. So the two with an orangutan go to get weapons for the journey to the old city.

The Terror story is one weird story. Which isn’t a bad thing but I was glad to see it come to a conclusion. Time to move on to more interesting parts of the world. Malaguena and Jason’s relationship is heating up. I loved Lightsmith and his brainwashed babbling. So Brutus mad plans are stopped for now. Still plenty of future action between our main protagonists and antagonists.

The outtakes were a filler with some behind the scenes pictures. Was sort of amusing.

Finally the beginning of the Battle adaptation. So far an accurate adaptation. Interesting to see how this series was not very nice to the gorillas. They are the dumb brutes while the chimpanzees and orangutans are the smart ones. I remember they also just used the clothing the apes wore in the future which I found a cop out. They should have had some different clothes but I suppose it was easier to use the old clothes.

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