“Terror from the Earth’s Core”
Writer: Mike Wolfer
Artist: Jazz Dela Cuesta

Abby and Lys have escaped from the Germans and come on the rest of the group. Unfortunately they then find themselves surrounded by Coripies and giant ants. As this goes on Dian’s bonds are cut free by the Weiroo so she can rescue See-Ta. The Weiroo flies Dian to the little island so she can jump in and pull out See-Ta. Of course they both turn on the Weiroo and chop his head off. They then escape and find the group battling the Coripies and giant ants. Ahm and his tribe join the fight and save Bowen and company. They go to where the invasion army is coming out of the ground. Just then Tanar comes from the opening on a giant ant eater. Bowen notices the U-33 and shoots at it. Von Schoenvorts fires the deck gun which causes an avalanche that seals the entrance. Dian and Tanar escape in time to enter and go back to Pellucidar.

The final crossover story was an enjoyable and exciting story. There was almost nonstop action. Plenty of beautiful kickass women. It also established another Burrough’s world that American Mythology will add to their line. I look forward to more adventures in Caspak, Pellucidar and beyond.

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