Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Walter Giovani

Tarzan’s grandson is safe with the great apes. His daughter-in-law Meriem is captive of Duul and now in Cimmeria. Which is where Tarzan and Sonja are also. Sonja starts a fight with a blacksmith to get some clothes for Tarzan who is still dressed in a suit. Then they visit the Traveler who helped Sonja find Duul. Only now the Traveler is an old woman. She tells how Duul managed to steal her greatest sword. A Sword that is the key to all dimensions. Duul has been hunting everything that offends him. Then he moved on to legends for a bigger challenge. Seems every time he takes a trophy the fabric of time is damaged. Duul’s only failure is that he has been unsuccessful with Tarzan and Sonja.

So Duul and his two companions arrive with the captive Meriem. He threatens Meriem if Tarzan doesn’t come out. So he does and starts a fight with Carl the German. He manages to kill Carl but Sonja was not so successful. She is beaten and Duul threatens to snap her neck if Tarzan doesn’t surrender.

So we are halfway through the series and Tarzan is still in a suit. We actually only see him in his loincloth in a flashback scene. An unusual thing for Tarzan to be wearing for so long. So he does get a change of clothing to something more barbaric. We start to find out about Eson Duul. He has some unbeatable power that can manipulate reality itself. Ends with them in defeat or so it seems. I am enjoying this series and look forward to how it ends.

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