“Ballad Part II”
Writer: Mike Grell
Artists: Dameon Willich and Rick Hobers

A man is coming from the arctic wastes carrying something wrapped in cloth. He comes to the outpost of Hazrak and fights off some robbers. He comes to a temple and enters placing the bundle on the alter. The priestess rewards him by cutting his throat. The first to die for the glory of their master. Meanwhile the young bard issues a challenge to the veteran. That he should accompany him on the quest to find the truth about Morgan. He wants to prove the old veteran wrong. The old man agrees and the first stop is Castle Deimos. Here after overcoming the fear spell they meet Jennifer Morgan the Warlord’s daughter. She tells about her upbringing. How her father was always traveling and after her mother died he went off to war. That her father never meant to become a leader and legend. That he just wanted to explore the fantastic world of Skartaris. That the Warlord had become too much a legend to ever be the father that she needs.

The second issue was an interesting one. It spotlights Jennifer Morgan’s sorceress daughter. She seems to be a lonely and tragic figure spending her time all alone in a gloomy castle. She obviously has daddy issues and I think this was portrayed realistically. She comes off as a real person. Plus we get a subplot with a sinister cult that practices human sacrifice. I like the idea of the two men. One a young idealist and the other an old disillusioned man. They balance out the quest to find the real Travis Morgan.

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