“Terror from the Earth’s Core”
Writer: Mike Wolfer
Artist: Gene Magora

The head Weiroo is taunting Dian. Dian says she is almost sorry for the Weiroo because the Mahars plan to enslave them. Meanwhile See-Ta meets Ahm and the two hear the sounds of battle. They go to a Band-lu village that is being overrun by the Coripies and giant ants of the Mahar army. She tries to help but is captured. Now a fight ensues between the head Weiroo and Mahar over See-Ta. The Mahar beats the Weiroo’s ass and now the Weiroo thinks that Dian may have a point.

Lys and Abby are out getting water when they run into men from the U-33. Luckily the giant ants come and distract them long enough to escape. The U-33’s deck gun takes care of the ants. At a bay the Mahar are going to enact their feast by taking control of See-Ta’s mind and making her walk into the water. Unfortunately for the Mahar a saurion eats the Mahar. Dian promises to aid the Weiroo in destroying the Mahars if he will release her from her bonds. The Weiroo demands that Dian help him get See-Ta for himself.

So a lot is going on in the land of Caspak. Mahars with the albino Coripies and giant ants are rampaging through the land. The Weiroo have discovered they are not equal allies but servants. Throw in the Germans and their advanced weapons and you have a great set up for a free for all. I do enjoy seeing all these Burrough’s creations together and look forward to the conclusion.

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