Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Walter Geovani

In Africa Korak the Killer, son of Tarzan tracks some poachers that massacred elephants with dynamite. He finds out from them that Eson Duul is responsible and after his family. Indeed Duul and his henchmen attack the treehouse. Meriem manages to escape with their son and give the boy to a friendly ape. Korak battles Duul but is seriously wounded. Tarzan and Sonja in London discuss what is going on. Sonja believes Duul has a Sword of Sorrow which can create whenever and wherever possible. Sonja’s knife is also a Sword of Sorrow. She stabs it into Wells time machine and now it will go to where Duul is. They arrive in Africa to the burning treehouse. He finds his friend Windia and Korak injured. Meriem and the baby are missing. So Sonja and Tarzan are going to Cimmeria.

Another enjoyable story. So Duul has attacked Tarzan’s family and taken Meriem hostage. Korak was portrayed in a very savage way showing no mercy to his enemies. Tarzan and Sonja bond and Tarzan adopts Sonja into his family. At the end they are going back to the Hyborian age so should be interesting for Tarzan to be in that time.

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