Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Walter Giovani

Sonja now in Tarzan’s time has come to warn him that Eson Duul has gone to hunt his family in Africa. Needless to say this causes Tarzan to go to Duul’s estate with Sonja in tow. They subdue the flunkies left behind and get some help from the Asian servant. The servant claims to be from Khitai in Sonja’s time and tells how these two have met before. A flashback has Sonja wandering the jungle and being attacked by Tarzan. The two have an epic fight and Sonja is knocked over a cliff. Tarzan then has a conversation with Sonja hanging on a branch and finds out they have a common goal in wanting Duul killed. Apparently something happened that wiped out their memories of this. So Tarzan takes Sonja to his friend H.G. Wells. Wells knows of the disturbance in time and thought the two were killed last week. So he leads them to his time machine they need to travel back to the past to stop Duul.

So we get a lot of exposition and one cool knock down fight between our two protagonists. It also introduces many questions that still need to be answered. How did Sonja get to the future? What happened to make them forget their last encounter? Who is this Eson Duul that threatens to tear apart the fabric of time and space itself? Simone has crafted a very interesting and exciting story with these two characters.

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