“See-Ta the Savage”
Writer & Artist: Mike Wolfer

See-ta the outcast Ga-lu woman notices that the plains are dying. The smaller animals are eating all the grass. She comes on a Weiroo talking with a Sto-lu. She finds out that the Sto-lu under the directions of the Weiroo are destroying the eggs of the T-rex. This is causing the smaller animals to come from the mountains and overeat the grass. This is killing off the food that the Sto-lu eat which are the little horses. See-Ta confronts the Weiroo and finds out they want the T-rex gone so more Sto-lu can come up and produce Ga-lu females which are the only way the Weiroo can reproduce. A flashback revels that See-Ta was an offering for the Weiroo and the only female to resist. For this she was banished from her tribe.

So she exposes the Weiroo and gets the Sto-lu to revolt. Later a Mahar comes and tells her that they are behind the plot to eliminate the T-rex. Seems they are the only danger to their planned conquest of Caspak. A Sto-lu chops the Mahar’s head off. Thus the balance of Caspak is restored.

An interesting story. This one gives us some backstory to See-Ta and why she was banished by her tribe. A beautiful drawn issue with a minimum of words. Wolfer shows himself a talented artist as well as writer. The Weiroo look very much frightful creatures. The alliance with the Mahars is also revealed. I see he does take some liberties with the Mahars as others who have adapted them in comics. They are able to communicate telepathically with humans when Burroughs made it clear that they communicated through an unknown language beyond human understanding. An excellent story that gives more insight into Caspak.

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