“Demons of the Psycedrome”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Mike Plogg & Tom Sutton

Jason and his friends with professor Lightsmith are traveling east. Behind them is Brutus and his mixed army of gorilla terrorists and mutant drones. Both groups are searching for the Psychedrome. A pre-war place that is supposed to have vast amounts of knowledge. For Lightsmith it is a repository of knowledge and for Brutus a way to advance his goal of conquest. Lightsmith and friends find a settlement of pueblos inhabited by a mix of humans and apes. The group is peaceful and their shaman tells of a place that Lightsmith thinks is the Psychedrome.

Lightsmith manages to blow the steel door open using his boom sticks. Inside they are attacked by bat-winged apes. They take Lightsmith and strap him in. So they start to brainwash him. Meanwhile Brutus and his army arrive and start to attack the pueblo settlement.

“Simian Visions: The Written Worlds of the Apes”
By Jim Whitmore

A review of all the movie adaptations and the TV series book adaptations. A very informative look at the books. I will have to read them sometime in the future.

“The Savage is King!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Alfredo Alcala

Armando plunges to his death instead of reveal the secret of Caesar. So governor Breck must now find the intelligent ape. Caesar is devastated at the loss of his foster father. He starts to organize the apes for rebellion. This overloads Ape Management with uppity apes. Inspector Kolp finds out about the shipment from Indonesia that had a chimpanzee when there are no chimpanzees in Indonesia. So they have discovered Caesar. McDonald decides to help Caesar and he reveals that he can speak.

So we finally get another installment of the terror story. Poor old Lightsmith gets his idealistic dream of the Psychedrome shattered. I love the mind control technique. “A good person always says yes. It is good to be a good person.” Moench did have a flare for the satire.

The book review article was very interesting. I know that these books were recently re-released and I am interested.

Finally the adaptation is continuing strong. The story is told effectively with a minimum of dialogue and quite effective.

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