“Two Against Turan!”
Writer: Roy Thomas based on story “Two Against Tyre” by Robert E. Howard
Artists: John Buscema & Ernie Chua

Conan has arrived in Aghrapur the capital of the Turanian Empire. While walking the streets a procession comes of the wooden figure of Tarim. Conan makes a disparaging remark which triggers the crowd. They try to kill Conan for his blasphemy. He manages to hold them off and a door opens. Going inside a man leads him to safety. They go to a bar and Conan finds out the man is Ormraxes. He has a job for Conan but suddenly Turanian soldiers burst in looking for Eithriall and go after Ormraxes. Conan is knocked out in the fight. He wakes to find a hooded man has been watching over his unconscious form. This man wants Conan to rescue Ormraxes. Conan agrees since he owes him. So he breaks into the dungeon and fights the guards killing them. Then takes a weak Ormraxes back to the hooded man. The hooded man reveals himself as a twin of Ormraxes. In truth Ormraxes was a corporal form that was created by Eithriall. When the two merge they will be invincible and conquer Turan. Conan knocks the jewel that was uniting them and the morning sun destroys them. Turanian soldiers come and decide to offer Conan a chance to join the Turanian army. Either that or the dungeon. So he enters Turanian service.

Another non-Conan Howard story adapted to Conan. I just love Howard’s work and it just easily flows as a Conan story since all this characters were basically the same type. This one was full of action. Conan slew hordes of men and single-handedly knocked out a horse. Not to mention save Turan from a wizard. So now he is in the Turanian army which is a dangerous move since he is wanted by prince Yezdigerd. Only someone as badass as Conan would try this.

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