“Prisoners of Caspak”
Writer: Mike Wolfer
Artist: Giancarlo Caracuzzo

Abby and the others manage to escape the pterodactyls at the plain of fire and meet up with See-ta and Ethan. At a cave the group plans their assault on the German’s camp. They use blood from a dinosaur and throw it at the U-33. This causes the saurians in the river to attack. Abby and her group manage to steal back the mini-subs. Only Von Schoenvorts fires a torpedo at them. It misses but closes off the underwater passage. So Abby and the survivors find a place to settle down.

The third was a quick story. Tyler finds out that they are from the future but still doesn’t know about Abby’s heritage. A story that I think moved too quickly but good news in that Caspak will continue. So leaves open more exciting adventures. Curious how this will affect the future.

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