“The Death-Knell of the Universe!”
Writers: Michael Fleisher & Jan Duursema
Artist: Jan Duursema

Morgan, Aoife and Ishum manage to rescue a human fleeing from a demon. The man Gueron Darkmoon is a thief and will come in handy in stealing the golden horn. Time is getting short as the worm Anu is starting to destroy the universe. Jennifer and friends back in Skartaris are battling it with no luck. Morgan and friends manage to reach the god Yk’kphat’s place and steal the horn. They also bust out Tara and the greatest warriors in the universe from his pearl necklace. Aoife covers their escape.

They reach Skartaris and battle Anu with their new found warrior friends but it is hopeless. The horn they took has been snatched back by Yk’kphat. Fortunately Aoife comes back with it after making a deal. Ishum starts to use it but is turned to stone. So Morgan manages to blow the horn correctly and send Anu back. Aoife must go back to Yk’kphat and take the escaped warriors as payment. So at the end Tara is put back in her body and they have a happy reunion.

So the final issue. Apparently things were moving fast on cancellation since they kept on as if the series was going to continue until the end. The letters page two issue ago even mentioned that issue 134 was already written. Whatever the direction this series would take is lost to history. Sadly this was a horrible way to end the series. A very convoluted story that had not a shred of what made this series so great. In some ways I wasn’t upset when the series was cancelled. Sort of like a good friend on life support that finally gets the plug pulled and mercifully put out of its misery. Warlord is the only series started in the seventies that was still being published in 1988. That says a lot about what Mike Grell created. The only thing they got right with this was reuniting Tara with Morgan.

So a sad moment in Warlord history. Fortunately Morgan and friend’s story was not over as we shall see in future reviews.

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