“Prisoners of Caspak”
Writer: Mike Wolfer
Artist: Giancarlo Caracuzzo

Abby and the expedition have met her great-great-great grandparents Bowen Tyler and Lys La Rue. Bowen comes up with a plan to escape. Just then dinosaurs show up attracted to the triceratops corpse. The groups scatters with instructions to head west to the Plain of Fire. One gets eaten but the others make it. A Galu woman that was captive of Von Schoenvorts manages to jump off the sub and escape as it is attacked by a dinosaur. She meets up with Bradley. Von Schoenvorts takes the mini-submarines. Abby and her crew debate the ramifications of going back in time and decide not to tell Bowen and Lys that they are from the future. It ends with them being attacked by pterodactyls.

“Inside the Land That Time Forgot”
By Mike Wolfer

An article by the writer on his time as a kid in the seventies. He had to use the power of imagination with his friends in those primitive times. Brings back a lot of memories. Also includes his receipt for a cheese sandwich and a portfolio of alternate covers.

So this issue finds Abby and crew trying to survive the perils of Caspak. They also decide not to tell that they are from the future. My question is did they travel back in time or is Caspak an island that exists outside of time. An enjoyable series so far.

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