“Mother of Exiles”
Writer: Jeff Jensen
Artist: Jared Cullum

Amy is a chimpanzee who lives in the Statue of Liberty. She keeps it clean and is some refugee from ape society. She avoids others but one day a mutant comes injured. She helps him enough so he can move on.

Writer: Matt Kinot
Artist: Matt Smith

Apex is a gorilla in the army. He trains and does hard work keeping up the scarecrows at the borders of the Forbidden Zone. One day his unit finds a cave of humans that results in a fight. Later Apex decides to start a revolution to save the humans.

“Cloud and Rain”
Writer: Ryan Ferrier
Artist: Lalit Kumar Sharma

Cloud and Rain are two young apes with Caesar’s group. They come on an injured human while foraging. While they try to help Koba comes and kills the human. Later Rain tries to get the proof that Koba killed a human to bring to Caesar. Instead Koba beats him to death and blames the human. Later he also decides to get rid of Cloud to cover his secret. At the end he meets with Caesar who shows him his new law. Ape shall not kill ape.

So another one shot. This one being focused on the apes. The first two were intriguing but sadly just too short and vague to really be effective. Now if the story had more room I think they could be quite good. The third was a look at Koba the villain from the new movies. We already see his hatred of humans and desire for power. A cool idea that needed more length to properly bring to its potential.


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