“Future History Chronicles II Dreamer in Emerald Silence”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Tom Sutton

Alaric has led the survivors of Hydromeda to a deserted island. There are also some gorillas shipwrecked on the island. The two groups come to a truce and build a great ship. The gorillas have the knowledge and the humans the numbers to pull it off. Then the gorillas will be dropped off on land and the humans will use the giant ram on the prow to sink city-ships and free the captive humans. There is tension between the two groups which comes out in a fight between the gorilla Greymalkyn and the human second in command Starkor. When Alaric tries to break it up the three get knocked overboard and them swallowed by a sea-monster.

The sea-monster turns out to be a bio-mechanical submarine captained by an orangutan named Ambrosia. The ships name is the Dwelleron. Ambrosia plans to sink all the city-ships because they bring war and pollution to the seas. So the group has some adventures with a giant octopus and savages on an island. Finally as he plans to sink a gathering of city-ships Alaric and friends manage to take over the ship and convince Ambrosia to abandon his ways. They return to their ship but Ambrosia was shamed by the nobility of Alaric and decides to blow up the Dwelleron.

“In the Cradle of the Father’s Sins”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Rico Rival

The Presidential commission decides to give Zira and Cornelius into the hands of Dr. Otto Hasslein. He then has Zira put under with sodium pentothal. Here Zira reveals the future and how she did experiments on humans. We also learn how the plague killed the cats and dogs and thus replaced them with apes. The apes became slaves and eventually rebelled. At the end it is decided to terminate Zira’s pregnancy.

So only two stories and no articles in this issue. The first story continues the Future Chronicles and was basically a Captain Nemo on the Planet of the Apes. I actually found this to be an excellent story. Very original and interesting to see what was happening on other parts of the planet. The Escape adaptation was once again an accurate adaptation. Interesting to find that the ape revolt was supposed to happen two centuries from now which actually makes more sense than the 1991 date in the next movie.

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