“The Vision Quest”
Writer: Michael Fleisher
Artist: Jan Duursema

Morgan runs into a warrior woman being chased by beast-men. He helps her against them. The woman is Aoife, Battle Maiden of the Cuchulainn Clan. She is on quest for the Isle of Xurchemosh in the Tourmaline Sea. She has psychic visions which later help save people in a village from an earthquake. Danny Maddox and Mariah are on the island in question. After Danny save Mariah from a flying serpent the two are greeted by the inhabitants. Because of the rifle they have the inhabitants think Maddox is a wizard. So at the village they find them worshiping a spaceship. Maddox investigates and puts on the helmet of the dead pilot. This allows him to activate the ship’s lasers and beat back an attack of the flying serpents. The people then declare Maddox their savior. Jennifer continues to try and find out what Khnathaiti is up to.

Well so it begins. The first of a three parter called Maddox’s Revenge. Of course the real beginning is the end of Warlord. Already it is announced the title is moving to bi-monthly because of poor sales. Honestly I am not surprised. I mean this issue has Mariah starting to fall in love with Maddox. Now Maddox is a tool and very obviously one. They really ruined the character of Mariah for this title. Otherwise the story was OK but just didn’t have the feel of what Warlord used to be.

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