“–Suffer the Little Children…”
Writer: Terry Mayo
Artist: Lucas Romero

Lucas and JC come back to warn Abe and the others to get out. Only Abe is in bad shape and not going to make it. The rebels that Cross is working with are on the way but Cruz and the Horsemen are already there. Cruz is JC’s father and that is why he is after them. JC agrees to surrender if her friends are left unharmed. Cruz agrees but after getting his daughter he has his men start to burn down the building. Fox is rebelling because Cruz is leaving him to Berg. Just then Berg’s men come in guns blazing. The rebel Air Cav is about to arrive but has news that the Chin-Am is also on the way.

The story is moving along at a fast rate. All the players are coming together for a big showdown. This issue also focused on Uncle Abe. We find out he was estranged from his brother and was some kind of criminal and drug user. He manages to reconcile with his family. Still don’t know the importance of JC to the rebels but should find out in the final next issue. This has been a real enjoyable series.

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