“In Search Of: Episode 3”
Writer: Will Pfeiffer
Artist: Rodney Buchemi

Orville kidnaps Sol and jumps through a portal. He also decides to take Cassandra. They find themselves in a theater that shows a documentary done by Orville. The movie surrounds them and they find out they are in a parallel dimension. One where magic was harnessed. Orville was chosen to scout out our dimension. While he was here back in the magic reality a coup occurred and a new regime started planing the invasion of our reality. Orville was cut off from magic and forced to start over. He met Sol and was ordered to make the fantastic movies to cover up artifacts being sent to our reality to pave the way for the invasion. He then sends the two back but wipes their memories of what they saw. Only Cassandra has perfect recall and it doesn’t work on her. She tells the other Librarians of the impending invasion.

A heavy exposition story that explains the reason for everything that has happened. A fascinating idea and well executed. The only thing that didn’t make sense was where Flynn and the others went on some travels around the world and found all these clues. Didn’t really see the purpose of it. Still this was an enjoyable issue that sets up the big invasion finale.

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