“Conan Bound!”
Writer: Roy Thomas adapted from novel “The Hour of the Dragon” by Robert E. Howard
Artists: Gil Kane & Tom Sutton

Conan wakes up and finds himself prisoner of Xaltotun. Seems the ancient wizard wants to install Conan as his puppet on the Aquilonian throne. Of course Conan is no ones puppet. So he gets thrown back into his cell to think about it. Here a young woman named Zenobia comes to rescue him. She has fallen madly in love with Conan so she drugged the guards and brought him the keys and a dagger. Conan unlocks his chains and goes through a secret passage. There he has to fight a man-eating ape. Then he comes on King Tarascus and almost manages to kill him. He finally makes it to Zenobia who waits for him and tells him of the horse she left him. Conan leaves telling her he will be back for her. At the place the horse is supposed to be he is found by a Nemedian adventurer. The adventurer tries to take Conan’s head but instead it is his armor and horse that Conan appropriates after killing him. Thus he rides to his kingdom.

“Zukala’s Daughter”
Writer: Roy Thomas inspired by poem “Zukala’s Hour” by Robert E. Howard
Artist: Barry Smith

A reprint of Conan #5.

So we get to meet Zenobia who will become Conan’s future queen. Conan does have it tough with all these young women falling madly in love with him. Another excellent Howard story. Conan is shown as one mean badass. He kills one of his jailers for taunting him. Kills a giant ape with a dagger. Pulls out bars on windows and shows that he is one tough dude. A true classic.

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