“Love in the Time of the Apocalypse!”
Writer: Terry Mayo
Artist: Lucas Romero

Three months ago JC is at home in Mexico. She witnesses her father kill a man that he accuses of being responsible for the plague. Now she is with Lucas running from her father. She takes Lucas to where she was living. She has a tent and four poster bed inside the San Diego Zoo. They have a moment that results in them sleeping together. Meanwhile Cross has got in contact with his people. He talks about soon having the girl as the rebel aircraft continue on to San Diego. JC’s father tortures the information out of Berg’s father and practically cuts off his head before he is done. Fox is in a panic because now his Horsemen gang will have to fight Berg. Crazy Billy comes and tells where they can find where Lucas lives. At the end Lucas has a dream that his family is in danger.

The story is getting better and better each issue. I am really liking this title. Each issue more of the story is revealed and also more questions are raised. Obviously there is something important about JC. Everyone wants her. It is building up to a big spectacular action packed finale.

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