“In Search of: Episode 2”
Writer: Will Pfeiffer
Artist: Rodney Buchemi

Carsen, Baird and the others have just seen Ezekiel threatened by Sasquatch in Schick’s apartment. They go to enter and find the guard is expecting them. They quickly go to the apartment and find that Sol Schick is still alive and the Sasquatch were actors in suits. The directer has staged an elaborate hoax for publicity to his new movie. The conversation turns to his past with his partner Oscar Orville. They met in the early sixties and formed a friendship. Orville was a director of bad movies but Schick found his movies brilliant. Orville was the inspiration for many of his movies. Suddenly Orville materializes in the apartment only he is larger and has magical powers. He kidnaps Schick and jumps out the window into a portal.

The second issue was a very fascinating story. A lot of backstory about Solomon Schick with discussions on a phony moon, The Mandela effect and parallel dimensions that occasionally bleed through to our dimension. They are setting up some threat from an alternate reality and this I find intriguing. A very good story that keeps within the spirit of the TV show.

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