“….Where They Go Death Follows!”
Writer: Terry Mayo
Artist: Lucas Romero

The creepy boy Billy we find out was committed to an asylum. Now he watches the family from a distance. The family has a meeting. Cross wants his sat phone and Uncle Abe wants to make a deal with Berg. So Lucas with one of his brothers takes him to the ballpark. The ballpark is a main gathering in the city. They find Berg a scary woman participating in a gladiatorial game wearing an exoskeleton that shoots acid. At the gathering they bump into JC who didn’t like being left behind. One of the Horsemen notices her and is approaching but Cross intercepts him and drags him off after killing him.

So they go to Berg’s place and meet her father. They negotiate for a sat phone when Fox comes. JC and Lucas sneak out since JC is very scared of Fox. Fox leaves but creepy Billy points out to them that one of their men was killed. At the end Berg’s father is visited by Fox and another man who is looking for his daughter.

This post-apocalyptic world is getting more interesting. We get some more glimpses of the outside world. Berg’s father has a map that shows the division of the country. In addition to Chinese dominated west coast their is a Caliphate dominated northeast , a breakaway south and Republic of Texas. Cross is revealed to be working for the Southern States. It also looks like JC is the daughter of a very important man. The only real complaint is that the story has these continuity jumps. Like it is never explained how JC and Lucas get separated from the others. Still a solid series.

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