“The Fury of the Fox!”
Writer: Terry Mayo
Artist: Lucas Romero

Two years ago in San Quentin. The plague is killing everyone and a guard decides to let out an inmate. Back to the present and that inmate is the one helping Lucas and his family. His name is Cross and he is helping this group for his own mercurial reasons. The group holds up in an abandoned apartment as the gang looks for them. The gang is lead by Fox and are called The Horsemen. Seems the girl the group rescued cut Fox’s face. Yet some more powerful figure is in charge and wants the girl.

Cross needs a new satellite phone since his last one was damaged by a stray bullet. Uncle Abe is dying from a bullet to the gut and promises Cross a new one if he gets his nephews back home out of the city. The group makes its way out and come on two guys abducting a woman. Cross doesn’t want to get involved but Lucas threatens to so Cross expertly shoots the two guys. Oh and that creepy kid from last issue is watching them.

So there is a lot of mystery to Cross. He seems like a cold killer concerned only for himself. So why is he helping Lucas and his family. The girl that was rescued JC is also a bit mysterious. Someone powerful wants her. Maybe Cross knows why. Also the Chin-Am are training an army of young boys at the ballpark. And creepy boy is still hanging around. A good post-apocalyptic series.

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